I am Senior Technical Writer at PSPDFKit in Vienna.

Before joining PSPDFKit, I was the Lead Technical Writer and Documentation Engineer at Adverity. I led a team of technical writers who contributed content to the Adverity documentation site. I maintained the website front end and the underlying software architecture for authoring, publishing, and automation.

Previously, I worked at Tricentis, Omnit, IBM, the Central European University, and the University of Cambridge.

I define myself as an enthusiastic writer, developer, and scholar.


Since 2011, I have been working in various roles related to the production and publication of texts. I have extensive experience in writing, editing, vetting, and proofreading documents. I have managed the text production and publication process, as well as the teams involved.

As a technical writer, I primarily see myself as a student and an educator, as someone who learns something new every day and documents this learning experience so that others can learn from it as well. I gather, produce, and disseminate knowledge about complex products, and respond to feedback in order to make the learning experience of readers/users as effective, engaging, and enjoyable as possible.

Documentation projects

Professional experience

2022 – present Senior Technical Writer, PSPDFKit

2020 – 2022 Lead Technical Writer and Documentation Engineer, Adverity

2019 – 2020 Technical Writer, Tricentis

2018 – 2019 Technical Writer, Omnit

2017 – 2018 Manage the production and publication process of test papers, Cambridge Assessment

2012 – 2017 Write, edit, and proofread test papers, Cambridge Assessment

2011 – 2012 Write and edit financial contracts in French, IBM

Software tools

  • Aha!
  • Camtasia
  • Confluence
  • Git, GitHub, GitLab
  • Google Analytics
  • Jenkins
  • JIRA
  • MadCap Flare
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Subversion
  • VS Code


  • Hungarian native
  • English proficient (C2)
  • French fluent (C1)
  • German intermediate
  • Spanish intermediate
  • Italian beginner


When I started coding in 2018, my main motivation was to improve the user experience on our documentation site. Since then, I have been involved in many different projects, and I have been constantly improving my coding skills. My primary focus is still front-end development in order to make the documentation more user-friendly and engaging, but I have also gained experience in back-end development, automation, and DevOps.

I have good working knowledge of the following languages:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Groovy
  • JavaScript
  • Markdown
  • Python
  • TypeScript

Coding projects


As a scholar, my main fields of interest are memory studies and critical European studies. My primary goal is to uncover certain deeply embedded assumptions and cultural patterns in different discourses about Europe. I am particularly interested in the role of historical narratives in politics, in how visions of the past and the future shape identities and inspire social action.


2012 – 2017 PhD Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge

2010 – 2011 MA Political Science, Central European University

2007 – 2010 BA International Relations, Corvinus University of Budapest

2006 – 2009 BSc Economics, University of Nottingham

Academic appointments

2019 – 2020 Visiting Lecturer, Central European University

2017 – 2018 Visiting Lecturer, Aga Khan University London

2014 – 2015 Visiting Researcher, Free University of Brussels

2012 – 2016 Supervisor, University of Cambridge

Journal articles

2021 On Pluralist Mythscapes, Memory Studies

2019 Challenging the Notion of the East-West Memory Divide, Journal of Common Market Studies

2015 The Myth of the Politics of Regret, Millennium – Journal of International Studies


2021 European Memory and Conflicting Visions of the Past, Palgrave Macmillan

Book chapter

2022 Chapter 11: Politics of Regret in the Handbook on the Politics of Memory, Edward Elgar (forthcoming)

Essays and book reviews

2021 Review of The Criminalisation of Communism in the European Political Space after the Cold War by Laure Neumayer, Memory Studies

2015 Critical Analysis of Civil Disobedience by Henry D. Thoreau, Mouseion Library